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    Over the past 10 years, LT1 Wiring has built a reputation on our superior knowledge of wiring harnesses and engine transplants. We specialize in creating wiring solutions that take the "guess work" out of engine swapping.
    So many automobile enthusiasts want to upgrade their muscle cars with 21st century technology, but don't have the wiring expertise to do so. This is where LT1 Wiring excels.
    We have been successfully swapping late model GM engines into a variety of cars for years. Our wiring harnesses interface with the vehicle's existing harness, so that everything from dashboard gauges to air conditioning functions as though it were factory.

    We offer complete GM wiring harness modifications on all GM performance engines from 1980 to 2008:

    LT1 Wiring can take your existing harness and convert it to our 4-5 wire run harness. This includes installation of new fuel pump relay and high current waterproof cooling fan relay, data link connector, VATS bypass and delete emissions if applicable, or complete California Emissions compliant. and make it a complete no codes run

    Here are just a few services LT1 Wiring offers:

    Complete wiring of any LT1, LS1, LS2, VORTEC, and most any GM fuel injected engine to any GM car made from 1980 to 2008. We will require both harnesses from both engines. This is known as our "Grafting Service" or Graft.

Stand alone Rewiring service:

1996 - 2000 4.3, 5.3, 6.0 truck harness: $275.00

2001 - 2006 4.3, 5.3, 6.0 truck harness: $325.00

OBD-I & II, LT1, LT4 F-body: $275.00

OBD-I & II, LT1 B or Y-body: $375.00

LS1, LS6 F or Y body engine: $375.00

LT5: $425.00

Custom Harness Graft:

Complete wiring graft between any fuel injected GM engine and most any make vehicle 1980 to 2002: $675.00

V.A.T.S Antitheft Defeat Module:

Our micro VATS bypass module for L98,L99,LT1,LS1 and most older VATS engines.
"Please specify Year/Make/Model when ordering to ensure receipt of proper instructions: $25.00

Computer Flash Calibration:

LT1 computer reflash, If we process the wiring harness: $50.00 *

Memcal or LS1 computer reflash, If we process the wiring harness: $100.00 *

To remove VATS from any truck computer,"without harness modifications": $60.00

Perform any truck computer complete reflash "without harness modifications": $125.00

Perform LT1 LT4 LS1 computer reflash "without harness modifications": $125.00

Perform E-Series computer reflash "without harness modifications": Quote

Custom Tunes available and need to be quoted in advance

* indicates computers and memcal's we support, please email with your information.
Some newer models will carry an additional charge.

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05/07/2005 - look for more information on our Products and Services. Also, be sure to checkout the Gallery page to see examples of the projects we've been working on.
03/01/2005 - New website development has started, so stay tuned!
12/01/2004 - LT1 Wiring is mentioned in GM High-Tech Performance's November 2004 issue in the article "Project Snowball - Part 4"
summer 2006 - Lt1 wiring modifies the wiring harness for the ls1 powered 240 sx seen pulling the paint off the Mustang on the speed channel show "Pinks"